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Kitty Cuddle Cove™

Kitty Cuddle Cove™

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The Perfect Cat Haven

The Kitty Cuddle Cove™ offers a snug and calming retreat, perfect for soothing your cat's anxiety and ensuring better sleep. Created for shy and curious cats, it will bring peace of mind to you as a cat parent.


Does your cat have an itch to scratch?

The Kitty Cuddle Cove™ gives your cat a tempting and strong scratching surface, so they can sharpen their claws without damaging your furniture.


The All-in-One Cat Retreat

The distinctive donut shape of the Kitty Cuddle Cove™ presents a central hidey-hole bed and is encircled by a generous, snug tunnel. This design offers your cat a variety of choices for relaxation, amusement, and slumber.


Family Fun & Entertainment

Having fun isn't just for humans! The Kitty Cuddle Cove™ is designed for two or more cats, and is a great way to keep your feline friends active and entertained. It's a win-win for both your cats and you!

Ample Comfort

M (up to 8.8 lbs); L (up to 16.5 lbs). Tailored for cats, the felt tunnel offers space, easy entry/exit, perfect for dual feline fun.
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Environmentally Responsible

Using materials that are kind to the planet, our Kitty Cuddle Cove™ is crafted from eco-friendly, non-harmful substances. This way, your furry companion's comfy spot remains both secure and environmentally conscious.

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